Santa Clara businesses impacted by San Francisco 49ers losses

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Some Santa Clara businesses are usually busy during 49ers games, but not lately because of the team's 13-game losing streak. (KGO-TV)

Some San Francisco 49ers fans ABC7 News spoke with were bummed about Sunday's loss, but are grateful the 216 season is in the rear-view mirror and trying to look ahead.

The 49ers' performances are having an impact on some Santa Clara businesses that depend on happy fans.

Brian Dickey was the only guy at a bar in Santa Clara that's usually packed with fans watching 49ers games. "A lot of the customers including the waitresses, we've talked about it and it is a sad thing to see, but there's always next year and hopefully it'll be a better season," he said.

It's that hope for the future that keeps 49ers fans afloat. "Every team has a rough year. They'll come back in a year or two. Give us three years and we'll be making the playoffs," fan A.J. Singh said.

Maybe we get a new general manager and we can start rebuilding the team and get back to where we are supposed to be at," fan Robert Gyang said.

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Tickets were sold out long ago, but after a 13-game losing streak many seats have been empty. Santa Clara counts on attendance for revenue, almost $9 million a year from a slice of ticket sales and parking. "Even though they look bad on the field we still look good at the tailgates, don't forget it," fan Ravick Ruiz said.

So 2017 kicks off with new leadership to get the team back on track and to reignite faith among the faithful.

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