SF widow's late husband's priceless Super Bowl collectibles stolen

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco's Larry Jacobson, a member of the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club, attending 51 games before passing away last October. Now, as his widow picks up the pieces and figures out what to do with the epic collectibles Larry amassed over the years, part of his collection is gone, and his family needs your help.

At Dina Young's collectibles shop Picks and Treasures, there are shelves of souveniers from every Super Bowl game, dating back to the very first one, in 1967.

"We have the Super Bowl seats, we have all the footballs, the patches and pins...and every ticket!"

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The good belonged to San Francisco's Larry Jacobson, a member of the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club. He attended 51 games before passing away last October. He wished for his massive collection be donated or sold.

Dina remembers going through his belongings.

"When you're there at the house, you can feel the emotions and when you see the price he had in his pictures and videos...you start feeling it and you want to work with this person."

But just over a week ago...when Dina's daughter was working at the shop...something seemed off.

"I got this text from her and it said, 'mom, there's a couple inside the store and they're acting really weird.'"

The couple was examining a display case-featuring Larry's patches and pins from Super Bowl 1 through 25.

A few days later, mom got a frantic phone call. "A guy came in the front door...and grabbed it!"

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When the thief ran out the front door...rounded the corner to the getaway car in the parking lot...that's when Dina's daughter came out the back...and chased the guys down!

She didn't catch them but was able to provide a detailed enough description for police to make this sketch.

ABC7 News caught up with Jonell Jacobson at her home, which is still filled with bins and boxes of souvenirs from her late husband's many Super Bowl and summer Olympics trips.

"Dina called me and she was upset and explained what happened."

Jonell says the theft was disheartening.

"It was kind of sad. The pictures. I'll miss the pictures."

But she knows her late husband would have taken the theft in stride.

"He probably would just shrug...he would say wow that was probably worth stealing wow!" Jonell laughs.

She has this simple message for anyone who may have seen the missing display case.

"Give us a call! We would like it back!"

If you have any information about the crime, please call Novato Police or Picks and Treasures at 415-408-3571.

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