The Dub's clock is ticking but the A's will be the next Bay Area dynasty | With Authority

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Play with joy. No anger. No joy. The Warriors are all out of sorts. We attempt to unearth the root cause.

Which Bay Area team has the best shot at being the next dynasty? The guys even surprised themselves with their consensus answer.

RIP King Kong Bundy. It's Larry's turn to tell a story and the details the day some of the largest, and we mean largest, WWE Superstars came to shoot a Sportscenter commercial. Find out which Wrestler smooshed his face.

And our news story of the week: The Bridge player suspended for performance-enhancing drugs. The plot twist that proves this person isn't playing with a full deck.

"With Authority" is a weekly potpourri of Bay Area Sports and other things in a mixed bag of weirdness, by Larry Beil, Casey Pratt, and the ABC7 Sports team.

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 1 - Recorded Mar. 13, 2019

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