The NBA Finals: Musing about Media Day

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- In Oracle Arena, it's the day before the repeat of a repeat of a repeat finals series that, for basketball fans, has become epic. They include people like Ben Marshall, who works the corridors behind the scenes.

"If you're lucky, how much game action will you see?" we asked as he unloaded a truck full of drinks. "When I get home? I will see all of it."

Home was on every local person's mind--- as in home court advantage (aka HCA.)

The Warriors chased HCA all year long and finally earned it by defeating the Houston Rockets in seven games Warrior Javale McGee told us, "That really affects you. Having the home crowd behind you in the first two games really helps you."

Home court advantage allowed us to get that quote from him because every year, the HCA team hosts Media Day.

For reporters and photographers from around the globe, Media Day allows them to question players like Andre Iguodala, who remained cryptic and strategic about when he might return from a knee injury. "Based on how long it has been I am not that far away," he said.


In short, getting answers here is like being part of a crowd of poker players trying to peak around corners. There is nothing subtle about the process -- with exceptions.

Enter Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live, who tried to interview me. "I hope you answer my question," he said. "Is a hot dog a sandwich?"

"No, it is not a hot dog," I replied. "It is a unique adaptation. What do you like on your hot dog?"

"I like catsup and radish. That's it..."

You learn something every day. Even when just killing time until tip-off.

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