Tom Izzo happy at Michigan State

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tom Izzo has a warning if the NBA should come calling. He's happy at Michigan State.

"There's been so many rumors over the years. I look at people I used to recruit against years ago %5Bthat%5D said that I'd be gone. But I'm still here and some of those schools have had three different coaches," Izzo said on ESPN's "SportsCenter".

"I've always said I'd never say never to anything because you never know what it brings. But I got so much more work to do here. I have a great president, a great AD and a football coach that I really get along %5Bwith%5D. So this is a pretty good place for me right now. We're in a pretty good spot. Program's in pretty good shape. Ain't broke so why fix it?"

Izzo's comments come after a USA Today report stated the Detroit Pistons, enduring another disappointing season, could make a play for the legendary college coach after this season.

Izzo is in the middle of the NCAA tournament, where his Spartans will play top-seeded Virginia on Friday night in the Sweet 16 of the East Region. Izzo flirted with the NBA in the past, nearly taking the Cleveland Cavaliers' job in 2010 before deciding to remain with the Spartans.

The Pistons are expected to be in the market for a new coach. Maurice Cheeks was fired during the season and interim coach John Loyer likely won't be back.