Golden State Warriors reach out to Chinese fans through Weibo

SHENZHEN, China (KGO) -- Stephen Curry is huge in China, with 3 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

He's cultivated a devoted fan base with posts like the one he sent back in August after a huge earthquake in Sichuan Province.

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"My heart goes out to all of those affected," said Curry.

On Wednesday, Curry posted his first Weibo message on this trip. He began with the Chinese phrase for "Hello."

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"Ni hao, we're back. We learned how to hand-make dim sum," posted Curry.

The video was shot earlier states' side with an old friend. It's an ad for "E-Hi" a Chinese car rental company which Curry is a brand ambassador for.

Fans in China loved it with many posting pictures of Curry with a lot of heart emojis. One fan shared some pictures of their Warriors themed bedroom.

The Warriors Weibo account posted a picture of Klay Thompson, holding a sign wishing Chinese fans a very happy first day of the Autumn Moon Festival.

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