Warriors season ticket holder installs final seat at San Francisco's Chase Center

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- While the Golden State Warriors get ready for Game 5 in Toronto Monday night, San Francisco is getting ready for next year's basketball season at the Chase Center.

The final bolts on the final seats were installed at the Warriors' new home - Section 107, row 9, seats 1 and 2 - at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

"My seats are awesome," exclaimed 30-year Warriors season ticket holder Mark Carpenter, who got to install the new seats, which will be his next season.

"They're actually better and higher up then I would hope for, so I'm happy about that. Looking forward to seeing who my neighbors are, too," said Carpenter, who hopes the noise from "Roaracle" will travel with the team to San Francisco. "I want to keep the same type of crowd that we had in Oakland and I'm already hungry thinking about all the food."

When it comes to concessions, the Chase Center is keeping it local. San Francisco's very own Tacolicious will be serving up Mexican food and, if you're craving one of their famous fried chicken sandwiches, Oakland's Bake Sale Betty will be serving them up hot starting September 6, when Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony are holding the venue's first public concert.

There are 1,400 workers at the Chase Center every day, getting it ready for fall concerts and the 2019-2020 NBA season, which starts almost three years after construction began in January 2017.

Three months ago, ABC7 brought you the first-ever live-broadcast from inside Chase Center, when there were no seats.

Now there are more than 18,000... as well as the framework for the NBA's largest score board, which is six times the size of Oracle Arena's score board.

"They're not moving away from the Bay Area, like onto LA or Sacramento, or anything like that. We're still in the Bay, we're just in a nicer spot," said Warriors legend Tim Hardaway.

Hardaway helped install Chase Center's final seat on Monday. He played for the Golden State from '89 to '95, and like so many, will miss the team being rooted in the East Bay. "It's tough to let that go, especially in Oakland, where it's been for so, so many years."

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