Where are the Warriors fans in Toronto?

TORONTO (KGO) -- Throngs of Golden State fans descended upon Cleveland for the NBA Finals last season, so we went in search of those fans in Toronto.

Outside the ScotiaBank Arena, fans lined up hours early to watch Game 1 from nearby Jurassic Park. Surely there would be Curry, Durant and Thompson jerseys everywhere...right?

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Not a single jersey or piece of blue and yellow clothing in sight! When asking a Raptors fan with a sign emblazoned with the words "No Splash Zone" we knew this assigned would be harder than we thought.

After three laps around the arena, at last! A sighting! A lone Golden State Canadian!

"I feel comfortable wearing this jersey because we're in Canada...let's go!"

Apparently, the saying that Canadians are nice is true.

Then finally, we found a group of young men from Fremont who had just graduated from college and decided to make the trip north across the border.

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When asking them why there wasn't more Bay Area representing in Toronto, the answer was hilarious.

"Well, we have the highest rent in the country so we're trying to fight poverty," says one man, while his friend admitted he didn't have a passport until recently, and that is probably why his friends didn't also make the trek.

While the Bay Area has Dance Cam Mom Robin Schreiber we caught up with Toronto's equivalent: Superfan Nav Bhatia who hasn't missed a Raptors home game since 1995. On this day, he has bestowed the honor of unveiling a Toronto Raptors banner at a shopping mall downtown.

Nav, an immigrant from India, is credited with bringing together people of all ethnicities to share the love of basketball. His rags-to-riches story has touched all of Canada.

"He's a representation of how multicultural Toronto is," smiles a woman in a motorized wheelchair with a small brown puppy at he feet.

Nav would face discrimination at games and by companies that wouldn't hire him as an engineer. By working hard as a car salesman he now owns several Hyundai dealerships. His constant presence at games and brought together and inspired people of all different cultures to enjoy the game of basketball.

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"It has been an amazing journey. From 30 people of our community in the game to today where we have over 3,000 people who are season holders in the arena. When you go to our arena you see people from over 100 countries, different colors and different religions and faith it's so beautiful," beams Bhatia.

Certainly beautiful for all of the Raptors fans in this city, considered one of the most multi-cultural in the world.

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