Why Giants fans should be happy Bryce Harper went to Phillies, not San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- You may be disappointed the San Francisco Giants didn't land Bryce Harper, but you shouldn't be. In the above clip from ABC7's new podcast "With Authority," Larry Beil and Casey Pratt discuss why Giants fans should probably be happy Harper isn't coming to town.

Signing a player to a reported 13-year, $330 million deal isn't always the best idea.

Sure, the Philadelphia Phillies have apparently landed the biggest prize of the free agent market in 26-year-old Harper, but he wasn't a good fit for the Giants, anyway.

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The Giants didn't hire Farhan Zaidi, a disciple of Billy Beane and the A's way of thinking, to make big splash free agent signings.

They hired him to rebuild the roster. A 13-year, $330 contract certainly limits your flexibility, and the 89-loss Giants aren't exactly one player away from being an instant contender.

Harper is a fine ballplayer. But maybe not nine-figure fine.

In his seven MLB seasons he's eclipsed 100 RBI just one time. Eclipsed 140 games played three times.

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Since his MVP season in 2015, he's averaged just 2.5 WAR (wins above replacement player). Do you really want to pay $25+ million per year for 2.5 extra wins? No.

Sure it stings a little today, but the Giants will be better off for it.

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