Will the 'curse of the billy goat' keep the Cubs from winning Game 4?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Not only did the San Francisco Giants win a thriller Monday night, they put a little fear into the hearts of confident Chicago Cubs fans, and with good reason.

For Giants fans, Monday night's tense win had a feeling of inevitability. It was the 10th straight win in elimination games dating back to 2012.

For Cubs fans it harkened back to memories of 1945.

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"Jinx? There's no goats in San Francisco right," one fan said.

Hunter's Point is in the shadow of what used to be Candlestick Park. A goat landscaping company called City Grazing is there now. And legend has it that goats are bad news for Cubs fans, at least according to Chicago's "Curse of the Billy Goat." The company owner, Jeff Green, said they have 76 goats.

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"Ugh it's scary," said one fan when asked if he's heard of the curse.

In 1945, the owner of Chicago's Billy Goat Tavern took his goat named Murphy to the Cubs' last World Series. The story goes that when the team asked him to take the goat away because fans said it smelled, he pronounced a curse that the Cubs would never win again. They haven't seen a series since.

Now after Monday night's marathon, five-hour and four minute, come-from-behind win, Cubs fans appear to be worried again.

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They are so worried that at least one Cubs fan called Jeff Green at City Grazing trying to rent one in order to transfer the curse to the the Giants.

"I don't want to pass anything on," said Green, in response to a fan on the phone. "I'm a Giants fan. No way."

So, City Grazing goat herder Rodnell Magat acted first and went to the ballpark and walked around not to transfer the curse, but to renew it.

Fans responded when they saw the curse in real life, "Come on really?"

One Cubs fan defended his team and said, "I ain't afraid of no goat!"

That fan was so "unafraid" he wouldn't go near the goat at the ballpark.

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