Stanford releases video on how to stay safe during school emergency

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- This week, Stanford's Department of Public Safety posted a video on its website featuring information on what to do if students are faced with a mass shooting. Their goal is to prepare their community for a mass shooter.

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David Anders watched the video Tuesday and says as a biomedical researcher on campus, he sometimes worries that someone might not agree with his work and launch an attack on his lab. "I guess you just think where the safe spaces are," he said. "Where you could possibly hide, where you could possibly run to."

The video first advises people run from a threat. But, in order to do that, you need to know where all the exit points are, wherever you are on campus. If you can't run, hiding from an attacker is the next best option. The video demonstrates moving furniture in front of doors, closing blinds and turning off lights.

While the video advocates first trying to run or hide from the threat, it also addresses how to fight an attacker with anything you might have around your school or office -- a fire extinguisher, your laptop, scissors, or even your coffee cup.

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These can all be used as weapons.

"I would never hit someone with my laptop. That would never occur to me," said Claire Thompson, a Stanford graduate student. She thinks the video is an important reminder. "It's a reality that most people are aware of and being prepared can only be a good thing."

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