Stanford students protest 'silencing' of Brock Turner victim

STANFORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Protesters gathered at the spot where the woman known as Emily Doe was assaulted in 2015 by former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

Friday afternoon, student protesters plastered the area with quotes from Doe's viral letter. They also read passages aloud.

Since the assault, the university has removed the dumpster where the attack happened and replaced it with a fountain and bench.

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Students are upset with the university's plans for a plaque that will include a quote from Doe's letter. Doe chose the quote she wanted, but the university chose a different one.

"Because Stanford wanted to say, 'It's okay, everything's okay,' completely out of context," said student protester Bec Smith. "This is about a rape, not a B on a test."

Stephanie Pham, the organizer of Friday's protest says honoring the survivor's request is the least the university can do.

Shortly after Turner and Doe left a frat house, the spot where the plaque is proposed for became a crime scene. Since then, the University has transformed it into what they call a contemplative space. Protesters say it does not reflect what happened there.

"Stanford, in not putting the plaque with her quote, was an act of silencing survivors," Pham said. "And time and time again survivors across this campus, across this nation and especially here at Stanford have experienced that same act of silence."

The university says Doe's representatives proposed two quotes that the university "could not accept." They argue that the quotes were "inconsistent with a contemplative space where members of our community could peacefully reflect and seek solace."

The exact words Doe wanted have not been revealed.

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A university spokesperson would only say one of the quotes would be triggering to survivors of sexual violence.

The university selected three options. The one that students find insulting says, "I'm right here. I'm okay."

They say that's because Doe was not okay in the spot where the plaque will be.

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