Star Wars fans unite for lightsaber fight in San Francisco

Byby Sergio Quintana via KGO logo
Saturday, December 19, 2015
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In San Francisco and U.S. other cities Star Wars fans gathered Friday night to partake in an epic lightsaber fight to try to break a record.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Star Wars fans were not just packing theaters, but also getting a taste of the Force. In several cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco thousands battled with lightsabers Friday night.

At Sue Bierman Park in San Francisco, a galactic free-for-all was held as fans began swinging their lightsabers at each other for nearly three hours.

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Not very long ago -- in a galaxy not far away at all -- hundreds of Jedi braved the rain to experience the Force... and try to set a record.

Pacifica resident Casey Marr explained they were there "to try to break the record for the biggest lightsaber battle."

The San Francisco battle was one of several across the country. And of course, a Star Wars event would not be complete without costumes.

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Oliver Medayag of Daly City donned his Jedi master robes for the second day in a row. He said, "Me and my friends decided to dress up for the movie yesterday."

As if on cue, the clouds parted over Sue Bierman Park on the Embarcadero and at eight o'clock the forces of good and evil lit their sabers and went at it.

"It's crazy man. Even with all this rain. Everybody's just here, we're all just one big Star Wars family right here, you know," Bay Point resident Glenn Molina said.

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Duels were unfolding everywhere. The colors of the sabers painted the night sky in red, blue and green. Children even battled adults.

There were probably only two rules that everyone seemed to follow: have fun and if you saw the movie already, no sharing spoilers.

If three hours of lightsabre slashing wasn't enough for hard core Star Wars fans, there is also an after party nearby.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" could set a new opening weekend record for ticket sales. ABC7's parent company, Disney, which owns the Star Wars series, is estimating ticket sales of at least $215 million. The film earned $57 million Thursday night alone. Tickets are still available and Bay Area theaters have added additional showings to handle the demand.

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