The adorable BB-8 from 'Star Wars' takes a visit to Disneyland

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hasn't even come out yet, but BB-8 has already taken a fast pass straight to the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. Watch as the adorable droid takes a trip to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland!

Viral Disney enthusiast (and ABC employee) Keith Lapinig recently took his BB-8 app-controlled toy to Disneyland, where he was able to capture some hilarious footage of the lovable robot interacting with princesses and even some favorite Star Wars characters.

"The day after purchasing BB-8, I knew I wanted to take it for a test spin at Disneyland for a fun video to also try out my new camera gear," Lapinig told ABC. "The highlight of my day with BB-8 was seeing the Disney characters react to their new friend."

While most characters at the park were excited to meet BB-8, Lapinig says that Star Wars Darth Maul wasn't too happy to see the little droid.

"The Disney Princesses loved getting a different kind of guest to interact and play with, and Darth Maul took his time to stare down BB-8 for a while," Lapinig said.

Lapinig says that he was determined to get his own BB-8 when it was announced on Force Friday on Sept. 4.

"It was the one character everyone could immediately fall in love with from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens without even having to see the film yet," Lapinig said. Like many others, I wanted BB-8 the moment it was revealed. I actually wanted to 3D print my own BB-8 before this version came out."

Lapinig also released a longer video of BB-8's interactions with Cinderella, Snow White and other Disney princesses. You can see more of his fun Disney videos at his YouTube channel.

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