University of Wisconsin-Madison to start robot powered food delivery system for students

MADISON, Wis. -- Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus will soon be able to have their dining hall food delivered.

However, this isn't regular delivery. These meals will be transported by robots.

The school is launching the new delivery service with a fleet of 30 autonomous robots from Starship Technologies.

Students can order their food from an app and drop a pin where they want it delivered. The service will cost about $2 per delivery.

Students will be able to pay through their campus meal card.

They can even track the robot's progress on the app.

Each a robot can carry about twenty pounds.

"It's something our students have been requesting for a while now and quite frankly when they come to us with Uber Eats and Grubhub and those companies being around for so long it's a service they expect, and now with this technology we're able to offer it to them," said Director, University Housing Dining & Culinary Services Peter Testor.

Starship Technologies said the robots have made more than 150,000 autonomous deliveries so far.
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