Stephen, Ayesha Curry launch Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to help underprivileged children in Bay Area

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Friday, July 19, 2019
Stephen, Ayesha Curry launch Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to help underprivileged children in Bay Area
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Nearly 1,000 kids from Oakland were there as Stephen and Ayesha Curry launched their foundation aimed at helping underprivileged kids.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Stephen and Ayesha Curry are on a mission to help Build a Better Bay Area by helping kids. On Thursday they kicked off an event that's part of their Eat. Learn. Play. foundation. The event at Lakeside Park had a crowd of nearly 1,000 kids from Oakland Parks Recreation and Youth Development Town Camp. It was apparent watching the couple describe their passion for the cause during their time on stage in front of the group.

"We love you guys so much, just enjoy yourselves today," said Ayesha with a smile. "Keep pushing forward to your dreams. As along as you believe in yourself big things can happen!"

Eat, learn and play are the three pillars of the Curry family's new foundation, encouraging youth from all backgrounds, especially the underserved in Oakland, to get out from behind the phone screen and back into living their best life through healthy eating, curiosity and never forgetting to have fun.

Stephen took a moment to talk about how his childhood helped shape who he is today.

"Sports for me was huge and learning about myself and building confidence and meeting people," he said. "Kids need a safe place to play and go out and run and be kids and not worry."

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The day featured sports like tennis and basketball along with STEM-related programs, booths to learn about finance and nutrition and becoming a well-rounded person.

But in between the fun, there was a deep-rooted appreciation for the Curry family's decision to kick this program off in Oakland.

Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney perhaps summed it up best.

"It does mean a lot," she said. "As young philanthropists, it's also saying to a group of leaders how you've been blessed and to share that blessing. And I hope that inspires other who live in Oakland. Even as the Warriors move to their new facility across the Bay they've made a real commitment to Oakland and Oakland youth and we are just incredibly inspired by that and that they are using their platform for good and to really look at the three prongs of health and wellness."

At the end of the day, select children had a chance to fulfill the "play" part of the program's promise and throw balls at a target and drop Stephen and Ayesha into a dunk tank. There were smiles and cheers all around.

Then thunderous applause and shrieking when Ayesha announced a special surprise.

"I think everybody should get Under Armour Curry shoes," she exclaimed.

The gift of shoes and the longer-lasting gift - the Curry's themselves and the people who make Eat. Learn. Play. possible for Oakland.

The program plans to focus on Oakland first then expand to other parts of the Bay Area.

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