Out of town businessman chases thief in San Francisco after phone stolen

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Cellphone thefts are one of the biggest crimes in San Francisco. One man decided he was not going to be the next victim. Not one but two cell phones were stolen and he went after the thief.

It happened early Tuesday morning South of Market in San Francisco. Mike Huckman was ordering coffee at the Virgin Hotel when his phones were swiped. He chased the thief up 4th street to Howard and finally to a delivery ramp next to the Intercontinental Hotel.

Huckman said, "I did two stupid things this morning. I left these unattended and number two I chased the person who took them."

Huckman is in San Francisco for business. He was grabbing a cup of coffee when someone snatched his phones and took off with them.

"The adrenaline kicked in and off I went. I'm in good cardio shape."

Huckman teaches a weekly spin class which helped this morning as he chased the thief roughly three blocks while yelling the entire time.

"I just kept saying, 'dude they are locked! They won't work. Please put them down. Please put them down.'"

For a second Mike thought he'd lost the suspect. But he kept running until he spotted him again.

And yes-- he was still yelling.

"Dude dude they're locked," he yelled.

Something must have registered because the thief did something very unexpected.

Huckman said, "I see him dart off that way and I find the phones just like that."

San Francisco police in the meantime, says it's never a good idea to confront a suspect as things could escalate fast.

Mike is just glad things worked out in his case.
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