Artist asking thief to return 800-pound hammer sculpture stolen in Healdsburg

HEALDSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- In Healdsburg, an empty patch of green grass outside the community center now serves to remind us that we may not know what we miss until it's gone.

Until October 5th, a 21-foot, 800-pound sculpture of a hammer rested there. Then, it disappeared-- stolen.

"Where would someone hide something like this?" we asked Doug Ukrey, who made the piece. "I have no idea. One person couldn't have done this. It would have needed to be a crew."

Ukreymade the hammer from steel and redwood and loaned the piece for display outside the Community Center. He modeled it from a small hammer in his shop and has offered a $1,000 reward.

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"I don't want anyone to go to jail for this. I would just like to have it back."

Healdsburg Police take the issue more seriously.

"Well it would be grand theft," said investigator Darryl Erkel.

"Why would anyone take it?" we asked Unkrey.

"They must like it a lot."

Clearly-- and ironic how had this hammer not disappeared, it wouldn't be nearly as well known.

"My original theory was that someone took it and it was a prank," said Ukrey. "They would set it someplace just for a laugh. But I haven't seen it yet."

Nor has anyone else. End of saga, to be determined.
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