Hayward PD searching for 2 burglary suspects who rammed cop car

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- Hayward police are still looking for two burglars after they arrested one suspect following a wild chase.

Police said they were planning a double crime - the suspects stole the U-Haul and they planned to load it up with stolen goods but police stopped them.

It was almost 3:30 a.m. Wednesday when Hayward police got the call that an alarm was going off at East Bay Motorsports and that someone had broken in. When they arrived, they found three men in a stolen U-Haul.

"The suspects tried to get away and they purposefully rammed one of the police officers in their vehicle," Hayward Police Dept. Sgt. Ruben Pola said.

The officers inside the car were OK. Officers didn't draw their weapons when the truck hit them. "The officers didn't feel that what happened at that moment justified the need for deadly force. They rammed the vehicle, they rammed the police car, and then continued on," Pola said.

The chase ended at 12th and Willow in Hayward. The two passengers ran away but the driver was peacefully taken in to custody. They got him when he tried to help the other two escape.

"They had slowed down to let one passenger flee on foot and then the second passenger, by the time the driver tried to do the same, the officers were right there and they stopped the vehicle," Pola said.

Police are still looking for the two passengers. The driver who they took into custody is a 20-year-old Oakland man. He's now being held on a number of charges, including stolen vehicle, assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest.
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