SoCal couple arrested for allegedly carjacking Uber in Sausalito, parking it in SF

SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Southern California couple faces felony charges after deputies say they carjacked an Uber driver. The pick-up happened in Sausalito early Tuesday morning then the couple made it into San Francisco with the stolen car.

"While they were driving the female passenger started to pull the hair and the ears of the driver so the driver immediately pulled over," said Sgt. Mike Brovelli, Marin County Sheriff's Office.

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Once the Uber driver got out deputies say Tyson Perlanconi of Burbank and Brenda Carlier of Van Nuys took off in her car.

"The police put the vehicle into the stolen property system and a short time later the San Francisco Police Department located the vehicle," said Sgt. Brovelli.

They found it ditched in front of the W hotel where the couple was staying. From there finding the hotel guests was easy. Deputies didn't even have to bother tracking the couple via the Uber app, one of them dropped an ID on the floor of the stolen vehicle. Deputies took the ID into the hotel and asked if anyone was staying there under that name.

Rideshare and cab drivers ABC 7 spoke with were not surprised by the attack.

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"From the back somebody tried to punch me," said Mohammed Bhuiya, a Flywheel driver for the past 12 years.

A passenger also tried to smoke crack in his cab.

"I just push emergency button and police came within a few minutes and arrest them," said Bhuiya.

ABC 7 reached out to Uber for comment, but have not heard back. The couple faces carjacking and robbery charges. They've bailed out of jail and checked out of the hotel.

An Uber spokesperson offered this statement to ABC7 News: "What the driver reported to police is disturbing. We have removed the riders from the app and stand ready to help police in their investigation."

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