East Bay residents prepare for high winds, rain

ORINDA, Calif. (KGO) -- As the rain started to build Wednesday night in the East Bay, residents are also concerned about the wind.

Orinda resident John Fuller had a large redwood removed from his house for that very reason.

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"We had a redwood that was right up against our house, and we actually had that taken down this summer because we are concerned not only about the rain, but also the wind," says Fuller.

On his same block, PG&E crews spent much of the day cutting down three 100-foot trees. It was a planned removal, but PGE spokesperson Tamar Sarkissian says heavy winds from this current storm could cause branches to knock down power lines.

"The (trees) were sort of overarching lines, so we wanted to make sure that should there be any winds, there is no potential for those branches to come down on our lines," explains Sarkissian. "High winds are often the larger concern and for this storm we are going to see a wet and windy storm."

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The city of Orinda says its public works crews spent the past few days sweeping streets and clearing storm drains to prevent flooding. They also set up sandbag stations at the Moraga-Orinda Fire Stations #43 and #44, to help residents with flooding, which seems to be on many peoples mind.

"Especially after the Paradise fire, and everything like that, people are concerned about rain and how it's going to effect the run off," says Fuller.

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