A guide to student walkouts

School shootings are a tough topic for all of us. They are hard to talk about, and viewpoints are varied. We might not all agree on the solutions, but the conversation and varied opinions are critical, especially to the teachers and students at the center of the school safety debate. Many of these students and educators are now leading the charge for change. And, as that happens, more and more protests are popping up in California and across the nation.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind of if you choose to exercise your right to protest by walking out of the classroom:

  1. Stay on campus. It's the best way to stay safe.

  2. Harmful actions can have legal consequences. Keep it peaceful.

  3. Listen to others. Express your feelings with empathy and respect.

  4. Students are responsible for any missed classwork.

Taking part in a peaceful protest can be a powerful learning experience for students, parents and teachers. For more guidance on safe, productive student demonstrations, visit asca.org.

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