'More of a treasure hunt than a superbloom': The best wild flower spots in the Bay Area

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Bay Area super bloom? Here's the best wild flower spots
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While looking for wildflowers in the Bay Area, it's more of a treasure hunt than a Super Bloom. But, there are still many locations to find these natural beauties.

LOS ALTOS, Calif. (KGO) -- Southern California has made headlines for superblooms, but they often only last short periods of times.

The Bay Area may not have a "superbloom," but you can still find a wide variety of wild flowers more often.

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"Enjoying wild flowers in the Santa Cruz Mountains and in the Bay Area in general is more of a treasure hunt than a superbloom," Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Public Affairs Specialist Leigh Ann Gessner said.

"But we're incredibly lucky in this area with wild flowers because there is something blooming just about all year round."

The Bay Area'a other wild flower advantage: you can find wild flowers just a short drive from anywhere around.

One of the more popular locations to see wild flowers in full-bloom is San Mateo County's Russian Ridge Preserve.

However, this is just one of 24 preserves of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space.

At these locations, you can see a variety of amazing flowers.

"Right now there are beautiful purple Lupin, orange California Poppies and California Gold Field," Gessner said. "But not only do we have hundreds of wild flowers species blooming nearly year round, but for such an urban populated area, we have an abundance of public open space to get out and enjoy the wild flowers in."

It is important to note that these natural beauties can only continue to exist as long as spectators are aware of their actions while viewing.

Gessner says there are simple things to do to make sure you don't harm these plants or any of the wildlife on the preserves.

"We are in your public open space land," Gessner said. "It belongs to you and everybody, so we all need to take care of it. That means to remember the 'leave no trace' principles. Stay on trail, pack out whatever you pack in and take only pictures. That ensures that these beautiful flowers are here the next time you want to come and visit them. They'll be here for others as well as the bees, the butterflies and all the wildlife that depend on them for a really important source of food."

Clearly, the views are worth the small hike that it may take to get to see these flowers.

But there are plenty of great reasons to explore the Bay Area while seeing the sights as well.

"Time in nature has a wonderful way of reducing stress," Gessner said. "It's a great way to come look for flowers. You're going to find a whole lot more and feel a whole lot better."

The flowers in the video are from the Skyline Ridge Preserve, but there are more locations to see flowers where you live.

Other Bay Area Wild Flower Spots

For more information on the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Preserves or where you can find these wild flowers, you can visit their website.