Super Bowl 2020: Palo Alto native, 49ers fan wins contest to earn free trip to Super Bowl 54

MIAMI (KGO) -- Francisco Alcantar is a veteran of the US Navy, a Palo Alto native and known as one of the biggest San Francisco 49ers fans.

In fact, the National Football League was so impressed with his fandom, that they named him the San Francisco 49ers winner of the NFL 100 Experiences of a Lifetime contest.

"I'm totally excited to be here," Alcantar said. "I'm here with my girlfriend, Sylvia. We just landed here in Miami yesterday and the experience has been amazing."

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The contest asked fans from across the NFL community to submit a story and a picture explaining why they are super fans of their team.

Alcantar says that football brings his family together through wins and losses.

It was that love that made him the selection.

"Last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl back in 1994 in Miami, I remember watching the game with my dad and my brother," Alcantar said. "That's the first time that I became a 49ers fan."

Now, all these years later, San Francisco is back in the Super Bowl and Alcantar is along for the ride.

He will attend the NFL Honors as a special guest and has been enjoying the fun of the Super Bowl Experience since he arrived.

But that's not all.

He will also get a ticket to the game and a special surprise should the 49ers win it all.

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"Right before the two-minute warning, I'm going to be on the field and be able to blast the confetti cannon all over the team to start the party."

That is of course if the team can get the victory.

Alcantar feels good about their chances.

"I have faith that my 49ers will win the game on Sunday," Alcantar said. "I'm just trying to prepare myself. It's going to be a dream. I'll probably start crying from excitement."

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For its 100th season, the league dedicated itself to the community and its fans.

Alcantar is grateful that he is one of those lucky fans.

"I want to thank the NFL for choosing me," Alcantar said. "I'm just so overwhelmed. It's an amazing experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I guess that's why it's called the "NFL 100 Experience of a Lifetime".

Have fun at the big game, Francisco!

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