Super Bowl 2020: Official fan gear is one of a kind, but also expensive

MIAMI (KGO) -- If you are watching all the Super Bowl week festivities and wanting to match exactly what the players wear, you're in luck! The NFL Shop in the Super Bowl Experience has everything you want and more.

"When they come in and walk into the shop, they are going to find 30,000+ square feet of retail space," event retail Manager Jessica Christ said. "There's over 1,000 different skews and a lot of this, you'll only find at the shop. There's really something for everyone."

The official Super Bowl NFL Experience shop opened to fans on Wednesday in Miami Beach.

There's a variety of gear from jackets, jerseys, hats and souvenirs for people of all ages!

While there are other pop-up shops around, this massive store has gear for fans young and old, including exclusive apparel that you've seen on your favorite 49ers players all week.

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"This is one of the true events that you can actually come in and put on what the players are wearing before the game and even some of the jerseys during the game," Christ said. "We, of course, have the official uniform and cap providers here including Nike which is behind me. We have the Opening night pieces that the players were wearing. We also have the tarmac hats that the players were given once they got off the plane."

But even the coolest swag has a price.

Fans had plenty of sticker shock when they were getting their plane and game tickets to the Super Bowl, but it doesn't stop when it comes to the gear.

Here are a few big ticket items.

The official Jimmy G jacket that he wore on Super Bowl Opening Night. Final price before taxes: $199.

How about a nice Super Bowl 54 jacket? $325.

You're going to look great and you're going to have the gear but it's going to cost you.

One way you can get exactly what you want without breaking the bank is by checking out the store's unique customization stations that will help the fans add some personal style to their Super Bowl prize.

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"We have youth t-shirts where, with a purchase of that shirt, you can get free airbrushing on the back to represent and make it your own for this Miami event," Christ said. "We have Build a Bear where you can pick from any one of our 32 teams. We also have a 47 brand piece where you pick out your t-shirt color, the design you want and you can put your name and number on the back."

In honor of the NFL's 100th season, the NFL shop did not want to hold anything back when it comes to their memorabilia from the league's biggest games so fans can go home happy with anything that they can find.

"While we have shops all over Miami, this is the place where you're going to get every single piece that you're looking for. This is the one stop shop. This is the, 'if we don't have it, no one has it'."

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