Super Bowl 2020: Game day prices make for super expensive day in Miami

MIAMI (KGO) -- If you are among the lucky to be at Super Bowl 2020, you probably spent a pretty penny.

It cost you a couple thousand for your tickets and hotels, flights are a few hundred, but that's not the end of the spending.

On game day, prices for necessities like parking and food continue to build on the record bill of attending a Super Bowl.

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"I spent $60 on parking," one 49ers fan said.

"I think we spent $300 on a pass," a Chiefs fan said.

"We didn't park today," A 49ers fan said. "It was pretty obvious that, since we didn't have a car, we had to Uber."

They may be considered lucky to have gotten to skip the parking fees.

Lots a 20 minute walk away from the stadium put some fans out anywhere between $50-$100+.

If you parked at the stadium, some passes were selling in the thousands.

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Right down the road from Hard Rock Stadium, neighbors were selling spots in their front lawns around $50.

Cheap compared to most.

Now, once you get into the stadium, the spending doesn't stop there.

For a four-hour game, you'll probably want to get some food or drinks.

After all, there is a lot of delicious specialty foods to purchase at Hard Rock.

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But, like everything else, it's not cheap.

Pizza costs $14.

Double cocktails come in at $28.

The most expensive that we saw?

The stone crab claw cocktails at a whopping $85.

The Super Bowl is never a cheap affair and Miami is no exception.

Thankfully, we should have a great game on our hands that will make the prices worth it.

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