Super Bowl 2020: 49ers running back Raheem Mostert describes grandpa's reaction to getting Super Bowl invite

ByJulianne Herrera KGO logo
Thursday, January 30, 2020
VIDEO: 49ers Mostert describes bible verse tattoo, grandpa's reaction to SB LIV invite
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49ers running back Raheem Mostert says his grandpa is his biggest fan, and he's coming to Miami to watch him play in the Super Bowl.

MIAMI (KGO) -- 49ers running back Raheem Mostert loves his grandpa. When we asked him which family member was the most excited to watch him play in a Super Bowl, he instantly smiled.

"My grandfather."

He says his grandpa has been supporting him his whole life.

"He was recording me when I was a little boy in Pop Warner," Mostert said.

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Mostert is coming off the biggest game in his career, the NFC Championship against the Packers where he rushed for 220 yards and four touchdowns.

Yet, he still looks back at those childhood game tapes, every time he visits grandpa.

"We still have the VCR's," he said. "I know he's so proud."

Now, his grandpa will get to watch him on play on the world's biggest stage.

"He's coming to the game!" Mostert said, beaming. "I gave him the invite and he almost burst out in tears he was so excited."

They still have all the old VHS tapes, but this time, he says Gramps will record with some newer technology.

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In Miami, we learned there are many layers to Raheem Mostert.

He loves to surf, has a bible verse, tattoo, and talks at length about not just having goals, but having "whys."

Watch the video posted above to learn more about the 49ers rising star.

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