Survivor speaks about being shot in head at Santa Fe High School

SANTA FE, Texas -- A Santa Fe High School student is talking about the tragic and unthinkable shooting at his school.

Rome Shubert, 16, was shot in the head. He told Eyewitness News that he heard a loud bang in his art class and his ears started ringing.

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He jumped under a table for protection and heard another shot.

Shubert says students started to run out the back door of the art room.

He said he didn't realize he was shot.

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"It (the bullet) went in through the back of my head and came out," Shubert said. He tweeted that he is "completely okay and stable."

Shubert's mom said something needs to change.

"I feel lucky to be here. I just wish this didn't happen," Shubert added. "This shouldn't happen to anybody at that school. Nobody deserves that."

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