Suspect arrested after shooting incident prompts lockdown in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- One man is in police custody in connection with a shooting incident that brought out Oakland's SWAT team and kept part of the city locked down for more than seven hours.

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A police flashbang grenade is designed to overload a subject's vision and hearing so SWAT can move in. It's one of the tactics officers used to try to end this stand off that began about 4 a.m. Friday.

Shotspotter technology hears the gunshots and can pinpoint the location within a few feet. This neighbor - who didn't want her face shown - pinpointed the noise the old fashioned way. ""Yeah, we heard the loud bangs. I don't know. I didn't think it was a gunshot, but I didn't think it was a firework either,"said Ms. Franklin.

OPD thought it posed enough danger to send out heavily armed swat officers and an armored vehicle, along with a negotiator to try and talk the people inside into coming out.

"They didn't see anyone who was injured, no one reported being shot. But we want to ensure we do a thorough search and a thorough investigation," Oakland Police Officer Johnna Watson said.

Patrol officers kept streets blocked off for two blocks in every direction. Eventually, at least two men were brought out and handcuffed, with no further gunfire and no apparent injuries. Afterwards, robots were sent in to make sure there were no other people and no possible booby traps inside.

"We did make an arrest. We have one individual who has been arrested," Watson said.

That person has not been identified and police are still looking for the weapon. But, for some neighbors, this was the first time they actually saw swat in action.

One lady came away impressed. "I'm proud of my city because we didn't turn it into a blood bath.
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