Last-minute gift ideas for the gadget-lovers in your life

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Still struggling to find that perfect gift for a loved one? 7 On Your Side gives us a look at a few gadgets for the person that has seemingly everything.

When it comes to gadgets, technology seems to be creeping into all aspects of our lives from relaxation to entertainment to education.

There's a new high tech doll in the toy universe. It comes in the form of a programmable robot, one that children ages 8 to 18 build themselves with perhaps the help of a parent.

"You're actually putting servos together and learning where they go and how they work and so it's pretty interactive, educational toy," Brookstone's Ryan Matas said.

You can program Maccanoid to repeat movement and connect it to your Bluetooth - it can even tell jokes.

Maccanoid sells for $300.

A Brookstone top seller is headphones with cat ears that light up and also double as external speakers.

"Comes with a gaming mic so you can use this on your PS4, your Xbox Live and just the fun fashionable way to have headphpones," Matas said.

Star Wars fans might also enjoy a special edition crate of movie memorabilia from Loot Crate. It includes nine collectibles including a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head and Star Wars metal model kit.

The Star Wars special edition crate sells for $100.

A monthly subscription of $20 is also offered for various mystery items from the gamer universe.

Finally, a brain-sensing headband is known as Muse. It tracks your brain activity and assists you to get into a meditative state.

Journalist Paul Chatterjee tried it out. "With the amount of ambient noise and the amount of buzz that's in here, it's very difficult and the fact that the product worked at all in this environment is really amazing," he said.

Muse retails for $299.
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