San Francisco TechCrawl becoming annual Halloween tradition for some

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- This weekend will see a parade of costumes, but Friday morning a parade of techies snaked its way through San Francisco -- an annual tradition called the TechCrawl.

Myles Weissleder is leading what's become an annual tradition.

"You can't walk around the corner without tripping on somebody with a great idea," said Weissleder.

Twelve startups opened their doors to show fellow techies where the magic happens.

"You get to look inside of somebody's space and get a visual on what might drive their creative process, so it might inspire you," Weissleder said.

From fun, to downright unconventional.

"We live and work in the space here," said one startup employee at Spright.

It's the culture behind the creativity and the food and drink that fuel it.The startup world is known for eating well and for moving fast. In the case of these startups, that means not just talking about hiring people, but actually doing it.

"We are absolutely hiring absoluetly hiring across all functions within the company," one startup worker said to the group.

That's good news for Alexander Elsen.

"Honestly, I'm looking for work. I would like to live in this fantastic city," said job seeker Alexander Elsen.

Recruiters were present and were impressed.

"Almost everyone here is smarter than I am," said one person at event.

The companies put on their best show and even gave away prizes.

But for folks like Elsen, the grand prize is a job.

"I hope to meet a lot of interesting people who may possibly be my next employer," he said.
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