Apple Pay not faring well with users two years after launch

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two years after its launch Apple Pay isn't as mainstream as many experts projected.

They say app weary consumers haven't been educated enough on its pluses. At the same time, some businesses are no longer accepting cash.

E-commerce analysts are reporting that while a substantial one-third of businesses now offer Apple Pay, only 13-percent of iPhone users have been willing to give it a try and they say that's an extremely low adoption rate among apples loyal user base.

Right now many clerks are confused on how to guide consumers through using electronic payments and shoppers are hesitant because of their concerns about security breaches.
Experts put part of the blame on Apple

"I think there's a lot more push Apple needs to do with consumers in order to get this more rapidly adopted," said Sanjit Sengupta, a San Francisco State University eCommerce professor

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Consumers agree. "I haven't been prompted enough to make a switch but I'm open to it," one customer told ABC7 News.

"I tried using Google pay once and it didn't work immediately so I stopped trying it," an Apple user told ABC7 News.

Some businesses are actively trying to get customers to use mobile payments because it's the quickest transaction, and they say it's safer and faster than using plastic.

"Unfortunately we were burglarized on New Year's Eve, I still can't believe it. Did that prompt your switch to no cash? Yes that's part of it too," said Nelson German, the owner of AlaMar restaurant in Oakland.

"We put a sign at the door no cash so less of a chance to get burglarized," said German.

More businesses are likely to follow suit. "As far as security and convenience goes, the future is in e-wallets and mobile electronic payments," said Sengupta

The app won't be considered mainstream until 20 percent of users are swiping phones at registers across the country.
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