Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee discusses new book criticizing social media company

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An early Facebook investor shared his criticisms of the social media company in a new book.

Long-time Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee published a piece in TIME and has a book out "Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook catastrophe."

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He was a huge fan and early investor of Facebook, but began seeing trouble just a few years ago.

"I saw a series of things across 2016, initially around the election, then a civil rights thing with Black Live Matter, then there was Brexit in the United Kingdom, and then a thing with housing and urban development that was again about discrimination. And all of them suggested that something was wrong with the algorithms and business model of Facebook that let bad guys hurt innocent people," says McNamee.

Facebook has responded to McNamee's criticism, saying, "We take criticism seriously. Over the past two years, we've fundamentally changed how we operate to better protect the safety and security of people using Facebook. The reality is Roger McNamee hasn't been involved with Facebook for a decade."

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