Facebook tracks you, even while logged off

As lawmakers and users question Facebook's privacy settings, 7 On Your Side found out that Facebook doesn't just track you while using the network. In fact, it collects much more than what you post.

We worked with Consumer Reports to find out What This Means To You.

The first thing to know - if you've visited a website that has a Facebook "like" button on it, the social media giant collected information about you.
Consumer Reports says the company can track you when you're logged into Facebook, and use that same browser to surf the web.

Facebook knows what you're reading, videos you're watching, and products you check out. And logging off isn't enough to stop the tracking.

There are ad-blockers you can install to limit the information Facebook can pick up.

You can also use different email addresses and browsers for different services. Plus, think about limiting the personal information you actually post on Facebook.

Web copy written by Miranda Dotson
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