Palo Alto homeowner's surveillance video catches burglars in the act

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Some Palo Alto burglars might have thought they were daring and stealthy when they broke into a townhouse, but they were caught red-handed on camera.

The homeowner placed a surveillance camera in her doorway and caught the thieves in the act. Palo Alto police now have the video and are asking the public's help in identifying intruders.

The burglars used a crowbar to pry open the door of a Palo Alto apartment Tuesday night. The video shows two cats, one in particular watching the entry and then departing in a hurry as the burglars enter the home.

"Heroism in cats is not something I am familiar with as a police officer," said Palo Alto police Lt. Zach Perron.

Palo Alto police described the video as maybe the best home surveillance footage they have ever had.

As one suspect goes upstairs, another remained downstairs and that is where the video ends. The suspects ripped out the camera and took it with them, but the video had already been uploaded to the cloud.

Based on the gloves and their behavior, police said they are fairly certain the intruders were experienced. They made off with jewelry and a personal computer. The police are asking for the public's help in identifying the men.

As for the cats, they returned later unharmed and unchagrined.
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