Teen allegedly fired from pizza job after nasty tweet

Here's a lesson on what not to say on Twitter.

A Twitter user named Cella sent out the following tweet on Friday, expressing her dismay after having to start her new position at a pizzeria.

However, Cella seemed to have been fired before her job even started.

It seems that Cella's first tweet made its way back to Twitter user Robert Waple, who happened to be the manager of the Jet's Pizza where Celia was supposed to start. Waple sent out the following tweet to Cella.

The Twitter tirade between Cella and Waple quickly went viral, with users across the globe offering their own humorous take on Cella's unemployment.

Many were skeptical if the feud was authentic. Many pointed out how Waple's account had relatively few followers as the tirade began. However, Waple's public Facebook page lists him as the owner of Jet's Pizza from June 2013 to present.

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