VIDEO: Watch the new iPhone 6 get destroyed

Do you have your new iPhone 6 yet? Have you thrown it in the blender already? Perhaps dipped it in a dish of liquid nitrogen? Didn't think so. But that's OK because Richard Ryan is on a quest to see how tough the newest Apple products really are.

Ryan purchased six new iPhones and is on a mission to destroy them in every way imaginable. In his first "torture" video, Ryan submerges the iPhone 6 Plus in a bubbling dish of liquid nitrogen before taking a sledgehammer to it. The result is enough to make any smartphone user wince. Ryan made sure to capture it in slow motion so viewers can watch it shatter frame by frame.

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In his next video, Ryan does his own spin on the "will it blend" videos. The results aren't good for the iPhone. Although the blender only manages to scratch the screen, the phone eventually breaks apart and then start to smoke when Ryan tries to separate the pieces.

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Ryan also put the phones through drop tests in water and hard and soft ground. Additionally, he shot it with a 50-caliber rifle. The phone was predictably blasted to pieces.

Click through the gallery above to see before and after photos of the damage from each test so far.

Apple announced Monday that it sold more than 10 million new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones in the first three days the phones were on sale. We're betting few of them have undergone the abuse that Ryan has planned for his.
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