Widow speaks as she files lawsuit against Tesla

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- Sevonne Huang broke down in tears as a news conference ended today.

An attorney for the family of Walter Huang, who died in a 2018 Tesla crash in Mountain View, has a message for Elon Musk.

"As a husband and father himself, I would think and I would hope that he would understand Sevonne's pain," he said.

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Sevonne Huang lost her husband March 23rd, 2018.

Walter was headed to his job as an Apple engineer in what he considered to be his dream car, a 2017 Tesla Model X.

The lawsuit filed by the Huang family in Santa Clara County Superior Court claims, "The autopilot feature of the Tesla turned the vehicle left, out of the designated travel lane, and drove it straight into a concrete highway median."

Walter Huang died from his injuries later at the hospital; the Model X's batteries burst into flames. He left behind a wife and two children.

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Sevonne told the news conference today, "He's a really good guy for the family and kids. We miss him so much."

Sevonne told the I-Team her husband complained several times in the weeks before the crash that the Autopilot kept veering toward that same barrier, and that they took the SUV into the dealer to check out the problem.

"They were unable to find it," said family attorney Mark Fong. "And they told him keep driving, and let's see if you can duplicate it and send a bug report."

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Fong says Tesla appears to be beta testing its software on live drivers.

The lawsuit claims, "The 2017 Tesla Model X constituted a defective product," and that it "was prone to episodes of unwanted, unwarranted, or un-commanded acceleration, and inadequate sensors and onboard systems to prevent it from leaving its designated travel lane."

"Our belief is that Tesla actually did know that there were problems and glitches with the car with the Autopilot," said family attorney Doris Cheng. "And nonetheless put it out there where people could become injured."

The I-Team reached a spokesperson for Tesla, but the company declined to comment on the lawsuit. For past reports, Tesla told me drivers are urged to remain attentive with hands on the wheel, and to take over if the Autopilot makes a mistake.

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Mark Fong responded, "For Tesla to expect that you should recognize that the Autopilot is failing and that you need to reestablish active control over your driving and save yourself, that takes many, many seconds and by then you're injured or dead

The Huang family is also suing CalTrans. The I-Team reported last year that a suspected drunk driver hit that same barrier at 70 miles an hour, and walked away with minor injuries. CalTrans did not repair that barrier for eleven days, until the Tesla crashed into it. CalTrans declined to comment on the lawsuit today.

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