'Extraordinarily fortunate': San Francisco's pandemic Thanksgiving

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Friday, November 27, 2020
San Francisco's pandemic Thanksgiving
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Some danced, some bought Christmas trees, some set out on an exploration to see the city lights. Here's how San Francisco reveled in gratitude this Thanksgiving.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It was a Thanksgiving unlike any other, and towards the end of a profoundly difficult and unusual year.

ABC7 News reporter, Kate Larsen, spoke to people all over San Francisco about the meaning of Thanksgiving during the pandemic.

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"We're so extraordinarily fortunate to be able to enjoy this peace... and the wonderful bounty that nature provides us," said a woman at Chrissy Field, who wanted to share, but not be shown. "There's so much to be so deeply and profoundly grateful for."

Newlywed couple, Lavnya and Raman, could be seen snapping selfies by the Bay. Lavnya is on her first trip to California. "I'm very much excited to see California. I've heard many things about California."

While looking at the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge, she said, "it's too beautiful to see."

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"There was just no way we were going to leave the heart of the city dark, especially during this time when everybody needs to be uplifted."

The Koenig Family, who live in San Francisco, found their holiday spirit early.

"We got the Christmas tree," exclaimed Cooper. "When we get home tonight, we're going to decorate it!"

"Even in these tough times, there's still joy to be had," said Cooper's mom, Lisa Koenig.

Aman and David dined outside in the Marina - their first time eating out on Thanksgiving. Aman said they were "trying to make the best out of it" without their usual group dinner with friends.

"It's nice to be able to go out and have a normal evening," said David. "I'm very thankful that I'm healthy."

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In Golden Gate Park, people danced in the dark next to a light show on the walls and windows of the Conservatory of Flowers, while the song, "If you're going to San Francisco," was piped through the park.

"We came to see the lights here and the Ferris wheel," said Tina Crotwell. Tina and her extended San Francisco family all ate separate meals at their separate homes. But afterwards, they gathered in the park, by the lights, to just be together. "We love it, it's really cool."

"I cook up a storm," said Vilay Pradichit, who served up a Thanksgiving feast. "I make a whole turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, lasagna."

All that food, just for her and her two sons.

"Definitely this year I feel closer to my mom," said her son Clark Nguyen. "Just being together and enjoying a small, nice meal. It's not the same as a big family gathering like my mom said, but it's still nice, it's still warm, and it's still family."

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