On-demand shopping simplifies the holidays for Bay Area residents

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- For those exhausted from running around trying to get their Thanksgiving meal together there's another option -- on-demand shopping -- which lets shoppers barely lift a finger.

Bruce Ponte can't find the pickles. Besides that, the holiday is off to a good start. "Today's usually short, it's the one ingredient they forgot," Ponte said.

Other than a name, he doesn't know the people he's shopping for. He just knows what the Instacart Grocery app tells him they need. And right now, they need Thanksgiving, on demand.

"She wants about an 8-pound turkey," Ponte said.

Overall, Instacart is doing three times the deliveries it did last year. The San Francisco-based company expected its Thanksgiving shoppers like Ponte to be booked solid all day.

"They're already asking me to work later today," he said.

Instacart covers dinner, but when there's another app for when you run out of wine. Saucey offers Thanksgiving on-demand drinking.

If wine isn't your thing, another holiday tradition is in your hands. If you missed on-demand Thanksgiving, there's always on-demand Black Friday. Apps like Postmates will deliver purchase made on the app in a matter of minutes.

Postmates drivers will actually stock some items, like a Marine Layer scarf, in their cars and customers will get it in a half hour with no delivery charge. As for who is on the other end of dinner delivery, it's new dad Nick. His newborn baby girl made the holiday complicated and Instacart made it a little less so.

"We just hit the button on the phone and now we have a turkey," Nick said.

And that's Thanksgiving in a tap and swipe.
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