Sociologist has tips on how to get your Tinder profile noticed

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Tinder sociologist has tips on how to get your profile noticed
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It turns out there's a science to making an online match and Tinder's top expert share some secrets on how to attract a potential date.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Have you ever tried online dating? Your profile picture can make or break you. It turns out there's a science to making a match and Tinder's top expert share some secrets on how to attract a potential date.

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For so many people today, dating is largely defined by swiping.

The dating app Tinder pioneered the concept. If you both swipe right, signifying you like each other, you can start chatting and hopefully meet up.

That's why your profile picture can be so important.

West Hollywood-based Tinder says there's a science behind swiping, and Dr. Jessica Carbino is their in-house sociologist.

"Individuals are looking for a lot of different signals and cues when they're analyzing photographs," Carbino said.

So what makes for an effective profile picture? Tinder gave us some of the do's and don'ts.

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Don't wear a hat -- it covers up your face -- and don't wear sunglasses. It covers up your eyes.

Tinder says even if you wear regular glasses, you should take them off for your profile picture.

Don't wear neutral colors. Tinder suggests wearing something bright to stand out. Also, do wear something formal in at least one of your profile pictures.

People tend to respond to pictures with animals or traveling shots.

But the most important advice?

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"Always smile because people who smile are considered to be kind and approachable," Carbino said.

Once you do match, how do you get the conversation going?

Carbino has some advice -- help break the ice by adding questions to your profile.

"When I was single and dating, I used to ask people, 'what's your favorite place to travel to?' and people would often answer my question. So if you provide people with fodder for the conversation, you can have more success in the future," Carbino said.

Although some still resist mobile dating, the growing popularity is extraordinary.

"Individuals are able to see people that they know, people that are their neighbors, their friends, their family, people they attend religious institutions with, that are not only using online dating but seeing success with online dating," Carbino said.

Does it work? Tinder says they now see 26 million matches every day, resulting in 11 billion matches since their launch.

Written and produced by Ken Miguel.