Tips for North Bay fire victims to cancel telephone and cable service

7 On Your Side has been helping fire victims cancel telephone and cable services and have found there is not a one size fits all policy for a disaster.

Comcast is very consumer friendly telling us that if a customer lives in one of the fire zones, they can cancel their service without paying an early termination fee and the fee for unreturned equipment is waived.

Comcast also offers an option called 'disaster suspend'. For $10 a month the customer gets access to their Xfinity services on a phone or tablet and that includes TV, hotspots, phone, and home services.

Dish allows customers to pause their service then waives installation fees when a customer is ready to resume service.

AT&T's U-verse and DIRECTV offer a variety of options for customers including pausing or changing their services to wireless based options.

Home alarm company ADT tells 7 On Your Side with a natural disaster like the North Bay fires, it works with customers on a case by case basis.

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