Tips to scoring the hottest last-minute holiday gifts

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's crunch time for holiday shopping as we are just four days away from Christmas, but you don't have to panic because there are still some great gifts you can get in time to put under the tree.

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ABC's Becky Worley showed off some very creative solutions Wednesday on Good Morning America. "The price slashing may start big time in the mall and especially in toy stores this weekend, hint, hint," Worley said.

Worley recommends digital gift cards for teenagers.

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Apps like Zara and H&M allow you to send a gift certificate straight to someone's phone and there's also another option. "Retailers like Target and Macy's are offering a feature called Gift Now. The recipient will get the gift in an email that will say this shopper sent you this gift, would you like to have it sent to your home or exchange it for store credit," said Dennis Green with Business Insider.

Now, what about experiences? A new survey says 40-percent of shoppers plan to give experiences as gifts, including dinners, wine tasting, concert tickets and spa certificates.

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