Climate change divides Democrats on last day of DNC meeting in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The issue of climate change left many Democrats divided on the last day of the DNC summer meeting in San Francisco.

DNC members rejected a move to allow the party's presidential candidates to hold a debate devoted exclusively to climate change. A similar rejection was made about single topic debates earlier this week.

Democratic candidates running for president made stops at the DNC'S meeting this week with climate change a top issue on most platforms.

But many green activists are pushing for a presidential debate, devoted exclusively to climate change.

"There are plenty of voters disengaged, climate change is a top issue for young people," said activist Jasper Wilde.

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East Bay Congresswoman Barbara Lee supports the idea.

"We know climate change contributes to other issues, gun violence and poverty," said Congresswoman Lee.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez initially shot down the idea, arguing the move would only allow other single-issue debates.

"We want to make sure we don't change the rules in the middle of the process," said Perez.

But under pressure from activists, Perez allowed a vote and called on members for comment.

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"We need to take this seriously, we need to get a bunch of candidates to debate together," said a DNC member.

Others said there are too many important issues to discuss.

"We don't need a specialized debate, we also need to talk about immigration, white supremacy and the economy," said a DNC member.

In the end, party members rejected a resolution to hold a climate change debate.

Activists stormed out of the meeting room and onto the street chanting, "Failure of leadership."

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