Suspect arrested in Brisbane following wild tow truck chase

BRISBANE, Calif. (KGO) -- A man in a stolen tow truck led police on a wild police chase across the Bay Area early this morning. It started at a tow yard in San Leandro, and moved across the Bay Bridge through San Francisco and the Peninsula.

A stolen tow truck, blows through the Bay Bridge toll plaza with police in hot pursuit. The chase, following 24-year-old suspect Moses Miller, looked more like a motorcade escort coming off the upper deck of the bridge into San Francisco.

"They took the truck, rammed the gate, not much I can do," said San Leandro towing owner, Butch Archeleta.

Archeleta says it all began when Miller broke into his tow yard overnight, to retrieve his Chevy Silverado pick up, impounded by police who say Miller was driving without a license. Cops say he used this flatbed tow truck to ram the front gates, a tow yard driver heard the commotion, and tried to stop the man from taking the pickup.

"The driver jumped into a forklift, blocked the car in, guy couldn't get out, so he took our tow truck instead," said Archeleta.

After the bridge, the police chase hit the streets of San Francisco, then back onto Highway 101, where Miller, suddenly stopped.

"For some reason, he stopped his tow truck, backed into our patrol cars and in fact rammed two cars three different times," said CHP Officer Vu Williams.

Here's the result, one patrol car had a shattered windshield, the officer not hurt, a spike strip was placed to stop the truck, but it drove off with two flat tires.

The chase ended off 101 in Brisbane, with the suspect running away from the truck.

'We had to tackle him when he ran off freeway," said Williams.

That tow truck, is back at Archeleta's yard, with lots of damage and missing tires.

"Glad nobody got hurt," said Archeleta.

Moses Miller is charged with auto theft and assault with a deadly weapon, namely, the tow truck.

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