Tow truck driver buys pizza for immigrants found in truck in San Antonio

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Thursday, June 14, 2018
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A tow truck driver saw the news coverage and noticed they needed food, so he bought seven pizzas.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A tow truck driver watching news coverage about more than 50 immigrants who were found in a refrigerated truck in San Antonio wanted to do something to help.

Armando Colunga saw they were given water, but not food. So he stopped and bought $50 worth of pizza with his own money.

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"Something just told me, I had to do this," Colunga said to KSAT-TV.

He said firefighters at the scene thanked him for bringing seven pepperoni pizzas for the immigrants.

"They're not here to commit crime. They're here for a better life and to work. They're harder working people than some of our people here that are citizens," added Colunga.

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Colunga said he hopes his act of kindness in a small way will make up for the anti-immigrant sentiment.

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