1250 scooters return to SF streets, as judge turns down lawsuit from rejected company

Two scooters parked at Noe Street and Duboce Avenue on Monday morning. | Photo: Teresa Hammerl/Hoodline

Shared electric scooters returned to city streets and sidewalks this morning.

As we reported last week, the relaunch is tightly controlled by the SFMTA, with only scooter-sharing companies Scoot and Skip given the go-ahead to operate a maximum of 625 scooters each on city streets.

One of the companies that participated in this spring's scooter permit application process -- and was subsequently rejected by the city -- was hoping to get a temporary restraining order to stop the launch until a judge rejected its arguments in court on Friday, the Chronicle reports.

"We're pleased the court denied Lime's request for a temporary restraining order," John Cote, a spokesman for City Attorney Dennis Herrera, told the Chronicle.

Hoodline tipster Rachel asked us this morning why there are no scooter zones or docking areas to avoid a crowded sidewalk. While there are indeed no permanent parking spaces, Scoot has now released a parking guide that asks riders to use the "furniture zone" of the sidewalk, a space between lamp posts, public trash cans, bike racks, as also required by the SFMTA.

In its guidelines, the SFMTA asks users to only park on the area of the sidewalk closest to the curb or in specially designated areas, such as bike racks. Scooters parked along the curb should be in line with and between fixed objects.

Riders should also make sure that scooters are always parked upright and that they are not leaning against building facades or blocking doors and driveways.
Image: Scoot

Representatives of Skip said last week that in the coming months, the company will be forming a Community Advisory Board to connect with those who are interested in scooters and to maintain an open dialogue with residents.

Additionally, the launch of a "Drop Zone" request tool, where riders and non-riders can request or decline Skip scooters around their business or home, has been promised as well.

Thanks to tipster Rachel. Did you see a scooter while you're out and about today? Text Hoodline and tell us what you think: (415) 200-3233.
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