3 people, including toddler, in critical condition after car crash in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Calif. -- A car hit a tree on Leland Road in Pittsburg at 7:20 a.m. Monday. Police say they think the wet weather and possibly speeding are to blame.

Three people inside the car were critically hurt, including a toddler.

It happened in front of Los Medanos College. As students and workers arrived to campus this morning, they couldn't believe the site of the mangled BMW. Shattered glass covered the road.

"It doesn't look good I hope they survived, that's what I was thinking," said John Snelling who works at the college.

"I was sad. It is just kind of traumatic for the family, a horrible accident. I was really disappointed to see," said Anthony Olgin, who also works at Los Medanos.

Pittsburg Police say a passenger who wasn't wearing a seatbelt was ejected from the car. A toddler who was in a safety seat and the driver who did have on a seatbelt were also taken to the hospital. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get to the victims.

The East Bay dealt with long spells of rain throughout the morning which created slick roads. Witnesses were quick to blame this morning's weather. They also say people drive too fast on Leland Road.

"If it is slick roads and people driving fast I am sure weather played a role in it," said Olgin.

"People need to slow down, that's what it is. (There's) a lot of speeding through here. This is the area where I work in the front. I got to wear this green jacket to make sure no one hits me. It is crazy," said Snelling.