Don't pay full price: BART discount programs you might not know about

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you travel via BART, even occasionally, there aren't many good reasons to pay full price for a ticket.

One of the easiest ways to get a deal is to get a Clipper Card. Use it and get a 6.25% percent discount on BART rides.

Here are some other discounts:
- Those under four years of age travel free
- Those between 5 and 18 years of age can get a 50% discount
- Seniors and those with "qualifying disabilities" can get a discount of 62.5%.

And soon, if you are a low income earner, there will be a discount for you too.

"They'll be able to save 20% on their rides through this program that is being administered though the Metropolitan Transportation Commission," says BART Spokesperson, Anna Duckworth.

She says that program will officially launch over the next few weeks.

There is another discount you need to know about if you travel frequently.

"What it does is allow group travelers of two or more people," Duckworth says, "who are traveling to or from the Oakland Airport and to and from the San Francisco International Airport to get a discount on that fare."

To qualify for that deal you must download the BART to Airport app then buy your tickets through it.

Do that and if you travel one way -- either direction -- there's a 20% discount. Round trip riders get a 25% discount.

"That is awesome," Rebecca Bahr told me. "I had no idea, see you just saved me money, thank you."

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