BART offers explanation for ongoing escalator issues system wide

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- BART officials are offering an explanation for the ongoing escalator issues system-wide. On Tuesday BART reported at 14 escalators system wide are out of service.

During recent storms many BART commuters opted to dangerously climb up the side of a broken escalator because the steps were removed, just to get out of the 24th Street Mission Station during delays.

"The elevators or the escalators seem to be going through maintenance every week. It would be ideal to have it be working a little more efficiently," said Katrina Hwang a regular BART commuter.

BART officials say it is seeking bids now to replace and repair the escalators system-wide.

Many passengers took to social media to offer their suggestions about ways to maintain and keep the escalators working.

One suggested that BART paint on the escalators "Stand right, Walk left." to help things flowing for passengers.

BART responded to the tweet saying "We can't do this because it would cause more breakdowns. Uneven wear if walk on one side, but stand on other."

BART is blaming the broken escalators on the extra weight passengers put on the right side causing a "tilt" which wears out the right side more quickly. That's why they are now asking all riders to ditch the traditional escalator etiquette in favor of standing still and holding on.

Officials with BART say they will not ask riders to stop doing what they're accustomed to doing, but just be aware that it has an impact on the escalators throughout the system.
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